Meet Ipanema

A journey from the origin


We are in the slopes beside Furnas´s lake inside the largest farm in the world, Ipanema Coffees (Minas Gerais - Brazil)

imagesAt an altitude in between 850 and 1350 meters, 5500 hectares is home for the 13 million coffee trees which annually produce more than 7000 tons of 100% Arabica coffee.

From all these coffee beans only the best ones are carefully selected and used to produce IPANEMA ESPRESSO®, which according to the Rainforest Alliance is recognized as the best Brazilian coffee and one of the four best Specialty Coffees worldwide.

Since its establishment in 1969, Ipanema Coffees has allocated a lot of time and resources to discuss social and environmental issues in Brazil trying to find several ways to help solve them.

Ipanema Coffees has always been supporting local social projects. In 1997, they decided to create a Social Committee to analyze the company’s actions throughout the years in order to improve future social activities. This committee lead to the creation of Ipanema Institute in 2003.

Coffee Trees

Social & Enviromental Projects

Altitude meters



Ipanema Espresso® coffee is traced at all stages of chain´s production  from seed to cup.

Final customer wants to know all about the coffee they are drinking. With Ipanema Espresso® they will know all the parties involved in the production chain, from the farm where the coffee grows to the local distributor and the places they are drinking it.

We guarantee the constant quality in time and in every market. Ipanema Espresso® taste profile is always the same, wherever and whenever you drink it.

We place a trace stamp in each package to follow the traceability in every production lot.


It´s one of the most important and it´s the final stage of the coffee transformation. That´s why this stage has to be carefully handled by our master roaster who follows the Ipanema Espresso® roasting profile to ensure the same profile in each production.

Creamy flavor, balanced body, subtle acidity, rich aroma and sweet aftertaste of orange and honey which makes your brain instantly desire another cup.


The last stage of the Ipanema Espresso® beans. Our Distributors not only place the coffee in the POS but also they share the vision and mission with all of its customers and these to the final consumer as well.

They combine their business skills with their coffee industry knowledge to give the best service, but their most important role is to educate their customers into the Ipanema Espresso® brewing way until they achieve the perfect coffee extraction. This is the best way to give the final consumer the taste profile we created. This is our core, our main differentation from other Specialty Coffees.

Our Distributors have specific departments to train its customers, from bratista training to branding in POS.


All of our range products are available in whole bean and ground coffee.

Ipanema Espresso® has very low caffeine as it is 100% Arabica however we also have decaff coffee process for those who want it.

  • 3kg Drum
  • 2kg Drum (decaff)
  • 250gr Tin
  • 7gr Pod ESE (Easy Serving Espresso)
  • 5gr Capsule (coming soon)